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Geneva's exhibition and congress centre Palexpo counts 102'000m2 to host events such as the Motor Show, Geneva International Equestrian Competition, and numerous concerts.

The renovation and transformation of Palexpo followed different stages, a lengthy phasing which allowed to keep the building in use. Each space was considered individually. The entranceway became a boulevard, where red polycarbonate walls protrude to announce each of the venue's gates. A grand sculptural staircase fits the foyer. It manages the circulation flows but also acts as a place to gather. Elsewhere, the main conference room is recognisable thanks to its false ceiling, whose tube lights form a geometrical pattern similar to a spider web. Overall, tubular lightings animate this renovation, bringing rhythm and dynamism to a space often perceived on the move.

Palexpo is the international exhibition and congress center in Geneva. Its single block space of 106,000m2 is located nearby Geneva airport and train station. At the crossroad of European highways heading to France, Italy, Germany and the rest of Switzerland, it has 2,800 parking spaces available on-site.

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